Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an amazing way of reaching your potential customers with near surgical percision. The plethora of digital marketing tools at your disposal can be daunting and also easily misused, causing wasted ad dollars. It is our goal to not only build great advertising campaigns, but to educate businesses on how digital advertising fits into an overall marketing strategy, and more specifically, the time and place for each digital tactic. 

Digital Advertising Services

  1. Marketing Strategy
    Too many businesses focus on the latest "shiny object" to come along. We will cut through the noise of the digital marketing space and help you refine or build a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business.
  2. SEM
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a vital tool in your digital marketing tool box. It allows you to reach customers who are actively searching in your vertical. We will build SEM campaigns for you or help you refine your existing campaigns to improve your return on ad spend.
  3. Display & Retargeting
    Often misunderstood and misused, display and retargeting have cause a lot of trauma, but can be hugely beneficial if used properly. Banner ads can build your brand while helping you build your sales/leads. We will help you understand these tactic's proper place, and build you campaigns that will drive results, not just visits.
  4. Digital Video
    Digital video ads are an underutilized tool for most businesses. Not too dissimilar from Display ads, video ads can drive both branding and direct response for your business. We will help educate you on video best practices and of course, drive results.
  5. Paid Social
    Paid Social ads have a host of in depth targeting options that allow to hone in on your target audience. We will work with your team to define the best targets and then build out campaigns to deliver the best results possible for your business.
  6. Mobile
    Mobile devices continue to grow in usage and for many business verticals have overtaken desktop as the primary source of usage. While we tailor strategies and ad campaigns to specific businesses based on existing data, we make it a point to focus on mobile in order to ensure that our ads are formatted as best as possible for your customers.

Some Success Stories

Sometimes you're doing just fine...
Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we will. We are frequently asked to audit strategies or specific ad campaigns (i.e. SEM accounts). In the case of one multi-national home improvement company, we came to the conclusion that their current agency was doing a good job and they just needed to stay the course. Six months later and the company was happy to report huge improvements in their digital marketing, no new vendor required. We will always try to do what is in the best interest of your business, even if that means we don't get business.
Saving money is making money
We worked with an car dealership group to reduce their cost by ~40% while only slightly reducing website visits and keeping sales even. That means they're getting the same amount for roughly half the spend!

Are your ads reaching the right audience?

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