Analytics & Reporting

Data is the most powerful tool a website and advertiser has to improve their online business. Proper analytics implementation and analysis can transform a business from survival to excellence.

  • ​​Do you have analytics installed?
  • Is someone looking at it?
  • Who are your key demographics (best customers)?
  • What is your primary sales area?
  • How are your ad channels performing?
  • What is driving your sales?
  • Where are bottlenecks on your website?
  • Are you tracking more than just sales?
  • What are the primary barriers to conversion?
  • What new pages/features/elements can you ad to grow traffic and conversions?
While there are not too many digital businesses out there anymore who don't have some form of analytics system in place. Having analytics is a far cry from understanding.

Many businesses we encounter have treated analytics like a box to check and have not taken the next step to analyze that data and let it change the way they do business. Ask yourself the following questions:

Analytics & Reporting Services


We will audit your current analytics implementation to make sure it is properly tracking visits, conversions, sales, cross-domain tracking, etc.​

Analytics Implementation​

If you don't have analytics, we will work with your team to establish requirements and then get implement it to the appropriate specifications.​

Custom Events/Goals

Digital is about more than just sales. We will identify what actions on your site should be tracked and then we will set those up in analytics.

Custom Reporting​

We will build custom reports and dashboards for the key stakeholders on your team.​

Advertising Tracking​

We will work with your agency or vendors on proper advertising tagging, so you can know exactly how your ads are performing.


We will analyze your data to help you identify who your primary customers are, what ad channels are performing, and what bottlenecks you have in your shopping experience.
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Some Success Stories

Custom Reporting in Action
We worked with a car dealership on building custom reporting so they could attribute advertising visits down to the specific VIN. In doing so, we noticed that thousands of dollars in retargeting efforts were hitting only 3 VINs! The campaign was quickly revised and the dealer's advertising became that much more effective.
Getting Conversion Tracking Right
We worked with a nationwide mortgage lender to implement custom conversion tracking on their website. The conversion data proved that their website was generating millions of dollars in revenue that had previously been unattributed. Needless to say, management gave their marketing team more money to build site traffic
Redirecting Away Sales
We worked with a large e-commerce site and discovered in under 15 minutes that links to their product pages were redirecting to the homepage. Thousands of customers over a 90-day period had clicked a product link and ended up at the company homepage, resulting in untold thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

What are you missing in your data?

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